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LONDRES 29 février 2016 : micro-trottoir dans le quartier de Westminster

mardi 29 mars 2016, par BEAUGIRAUD Danielle

Dès leur arrivée dans la capitale britannique, après une matinée dans le TGV puis la traversée de la Manche en Eurostar jusqu’à la gare Saint Pancras, les participants au voyage en Grande-Bretagne sont partis à la rencontre des Londoniens qu’ils ont interrogés sur la trame d’un questionnaire réalisé en classe par les élèves de 2nde européenne, avec l’aide de notre assistante américaine. Voici leur récit et quelques-unes de leurs réactions après ce premier contact, qui a suscité à la fois angoisse et enthousiasme.

Monday February 29th was the first day of our school trip in England. We arrived at Saint Pancras station and the coach drove us to our first stop in Westminster, where the street interview took place, close to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Jeanne M. was my partner for this exercise. I like speaking English, so I wasn’t feeling stressed out or nervous but I was excited to converse with Londoners. As I thought, Jeanne and I were not shy at all. At first, all the students were in the same area and there was a bus stop and tube station nearby, so we had some refusals from people who were in a hurry but it did not deter us. The first Londoner who agreed to answer a few questions was an elderly lady with her two friends. They asked us if we would like to sing ""Happy Birthday" to their friend Jane. We found that quite amusing, so we did it. We had organised the interview by choosing 20 questions from the questionnaire and had agreed to ask 4 questions per person. In view of the answers, we can report that the two people we asked about the situation of the refugees told us the UK should welcome more. We also asked twice the question : « What is your favourite form of transportation ? » The elderly lady admitted she preferred to drive but then she said the train was better and the last interviewee also chose the train because it is more eco-friendly. Morover, we asked one of the interviewees if he enjoyed French cuisine, and what type of food in particular. The man answered he liked French food, especially cheese. It was also funny to notice that a woman knew some of the old-fashioned artists like Johnny Hallyday, Gérard Depardieu and Mireille Mathieu. Then I informed her that Mireille Mathieu comes from our town and she was surprised ! The experience of this street interview was great. It helped us to be more confident to communicate with British people and forced us to practise our English.

Written by Louise M.-A. and Zoé Z.

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The interview took place in Parliament Street in London. The weather was cloudy and a bit cold. There were a lot of people in Westminster, and most of them seemed to be in a hurry. My partner was Killian C., and before the interview we were really stressed and did not know how to go and ask questions to passers-by. So we waited to find someone who didn’t look pressed for time and who seemed friendly.When we found the right person, we asked a few questions, like : « What is your favourite sport ? » The man was very kind but spoke a bit too fast, so we didn’t understand everything. His favourite sport was rugby and he loved France, where he spends his holidays every year. In conclusion, it was a good experience, a bit stressful but positive. It was a pity that it was the first day of the trip, because we were exhausted after travelling all morning.

Abel A-B.

Before we began the street interview, we were a bit stressed but also impatient to do it. We wanted to know how people would react and how it would go. The place was a large busy street with quite a lot of passers-by. We didn’t have a lot of time to ask our questions, just 20 minutes, which was very short. So most of the interviewees did not have enough time but some were happy to help us do our work. At the beginning, it was really difficult, but after a few moments we became more comfortable. Unfortunately, when we were feeling more confident, time was practically over. We finally managed to get some answers also thanks to our host family s’ help. Our hostess ’s job consists in taking care of and helping old and vulnerable people. For some Londoners, Tower Bridge is one of the most famous landmarks in London. The national sport in England seems to be rugby and Adèle could be English people’s favourite British singer. The persons we interviewed seemed to like France, especially our food and wines. They’d like to travel to France, even if they don’t speak French well. To conclude, this street interview was both stressful and exciting. People didn’t seem to feel annoyed with us and our questions, even if they often didn’t have time. Londoners speak fast so it wasn’t always easy to understand everything but we could guess thanks to the context of the sentence. It was an interesting experience.

Mathilde M. and Annouk P.




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